About Cafe Top Sites

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CafeTopSites.com features articles and links to popular and little-known coffee houses, tea shops, internet cafes and bistros,  Our site helps you find that cute little coffee shop on the corner you can sit with a friend and catch up. We can also help you locate a coffee shop with WI-FI that you can meet your business partners at. Need to find the nearest tea shop you can meet the ladies at? We can help you with that too. We also have links to locally owned restaurants.

CafeTopSites.com was started by journalist and coffee shop professional Shawn Larson. He has been the managing editor for two newspapers including The Hoxie Sentinel in Kansas and the Sealy News in Texas. Shawn has owned and operated two coffee shop equipment sites and ran a local coffee shop for about three years. In addition, Shawn has also acted as a coffee shop and restaurant consultant for startups and existing restaurants trying to making their business better.