Supporting the Local Cafe

 Shawn-Larson    02 Nov 2017 : 05:23


Choosing where you go to have your latte or burrito can go along way to preserving your towns unique flair and culture.

if you're like me, It's so easy to go to the local Starbucks to get a latte. After all, you know what you like, and you can depend on your big box coffee shop making close to the same Caramel Macchiato whether you are in Denver or Seattle. What's more, people are a creature of habit. So taking a break from the green and white is a hard habit to break. The question really is why should we? Starbucks, Applebee's, Subway and Chipotle all do a pretty good job at what they do.That's why after all they are on busy intersections across the US and even the world full of people.

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