Enter the Story of Polka Dot Junction

 Shawn-Larson    23 Jan 2018 : 23:26


polka dot junction represents the illustrative work of L.A. Baker. The products on the site are a great fit for coffee houses, tea shops and wineries.

Editor’s Note: I originally connected with L.A. Baker through twitter.  I remember at the time thinking how well some of her designs would look on the café tables I help manufacturer. However, after learning more about her, her illustrations and the storyline of polka dot junction I had to get involved her project. I really think she has something special happening on her website which includes the interesting storyline of polka dot junction.  My hope is that you too will take the time to enjoy her work and experience the fun and interesting narrative of polka dot junction. You will notice that the proper name polka dot junction is lowercase. That is part of the style on her website and carried into this article.

 For those who haven’t visited the polka dot junction website know that much of her work goes well in coffee houses and tea shops. For example, the junction’s decorative pillows and towels can help to create an eclectic atmosphere feel; giving that special area you are decorating a special decor. Also, many of their small products like their mugs and plates would make a nice addition to your gift shop area. Their products might be what you see first when you visit the site, what will keep you and others coming back is the unique storyline of polka dot junction.

The New Cafe Tops Sites

 Shawn-Larson    02 Nov 2017 : 07:18
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Providing a platform for useful articles and links

Once upon a time, you could find a free resource to post your content and links.  That has changed in most part to the changing landscape of Google algorithms. This site was originally set up as a topsites directory. How it would work is that websites would join your list and add a backlink to our site, that backlink could be text or a banner image. On the home page, typically there would be the listing of members sites organized by various statistical elements, most noteworthy how often the site would get clicked on, and then sent to their site or how often visitors clicked off of their site and onto ours. 

Supporting the Local Cafe

 Shawn-Larson    02 Nov 2017 : 05:23


Choosing where you go to have your latte or burrito can go along way to preserving your towns unique flair and culture.

if you're like me, It's so easy to go to the local Starbucks to get a latte. After all, you know what you like, and you can depend on your big box coffee shop making close to the same Caramel Macchiato whether you are in Denver or Seattle. What's more, people are a creature of habit. So taking a break from the green and white is a hard habit to break. The question really is why should we? Starbucks, Applebee's, Subway and Chipotle all do a pretty good job at what they do.That's why after all they are on busy intersections across the US and even the world full of people.

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